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Welcome to the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group

Linux - The Operating System of the 21st Century TM


If you are an SVLUG member and have an article worthy of posting, please let the webmasters know. Make sure to provide a URL.

  • Talk Slides: Lars Knuth's Sept. 2017 slides (5.1MB PDF): Xen-Based Technologies, and Best Practices for Managing Security Vulnerabilities. There's also a video recording.
  • Talk Slides: Sven-Thorson Dietrich & Becca Nitzan's March 2017 slides (2.4MB PDF): Enterprise Networking w/ vRouter: R&D & Performance of the Vyatta DPDK Architecture
  • Talk Slides: Sarah Newman's November 2016 slides (236 kB PDF): Mandatory Access Control and AppArmor
  • Talk Slides: Mike Cooper's October 2016 slides (4.9 MB PDF) Live and Die by Certificates
  • Talk Slides: Elizabeth K. Joseph's July 2016 slides (5.4 MB ODP): Ubuntu 16.04 LTS "Xenial Xerus"
  • Talk Slides: Rick Moen's June 2016 slides (3.6 MB ODF): The SSD Revolution and Linux
  • Talk Slides: Paul Scott's May 2016 slides (300kB ODF): Researching Solutions to Linux Problems
  • Talk Slides: Frank Turner's April 2016 slides (1.2 MB PDF): VirtualBox: Way Better Than Dual-Boot
  • Talk Slides: Greg Bruno's Nov. 2015 slides (22 MB PDF): Stacki: Open Source Bare-Metal Provisioning
  • Talk Slides: Rick Moen's Aug. 2015 slides (11MB ODF) and lecture notes (11 kB text): Arduino for Gardening and More
  • Talk Slides: Rick Moen's Feb. 2014 slides (285 kB ODF): How to Get Screamingly Fast Performance with Linux
  • Talk Notes: Jesse Monroy's talk Notes about How to Give a Lightning Talk.
  • Talk Notes: John Grafton's talk Notes about Raspberry Pi.
  • Talk Slides: Rick Moen's Dec. 2012 slides (285 kB ODF, lecture notes: Real-World Linux Security
  • Occupy Linux! Flyer for our May, 2012 event (340 KB PDF). Panel discussion about our UNIX and UNIX-like distributions
  • Talk Slides: Alison Chaiken's Oct. 2011 slides (3.8 MB ODF): Automotive: The Next Hot Mobile Platform for Linux
  • Talk Slides: Jesse Monroy's May 2011 slides (120 kB tarball ) and rss tarball from the talk: RSS-Really Simple Syndication
  • Talk Slides: Rick Moen's Feb. 2011 slides (284 kB ODF, lecture notes: The Wild, Wild Web: Web Browser Security, Performance, and Privacy
  • Talk Slides: Alison Chaiken's Jan. 2010 slides: Linux, Android, and Open Source in the Mobile Environment
  • Talk Slides: Micah Cowan's Dec. 2010 slides: GNU Wget
  • Talk slides: Richard Sharpe's December 2009 slides: SCST, a SCSI Target Framework for Linux
  • Talk slides: Alison Randal's June 2009 slides: The Parrot Virtual Machine
  • Talk slides: Ed Cherlin's April 2009 slides: Digital Textbooks
  • Talk slides: Alex Honor's May 2008 slides: CTL dispatcher.
  • Talk slides: Dirk Morris's Nov. 2007 slides: Untangle appliance (10MB PPT).
  • Talk Slides: Ewa Matejska's Dec. 2006 slides: Eclipse IDE.
  • Talk Slides: Kevin Jameson's April 2006 slides: Automating Software Builds (Codefast).
  • Talk Slides: Ian Kluft's Nov. 2005 "Nifty of the Month" & main talk picture gallery: Katrina relief, Sync4j.
  • Talk Slides: Ian Kluft's Oct. 2005 "Nifty of the Month" Impress 2: Video on Linux
  • Talk Slides: Bill Weinberg's June 2005 slides (11MB PDF): "OSDL Overview"
SVLUG events.gif
SVLUG monthly General Meetings have resumed and will be listed for the Hacker Dojo location (Santa Clara), as they get scheduled.
Tuesday, Oct. 8th, 2019 General Meeting, 7-8:30 PM
Drew Moseley,
Technical Solutions Architect, Mender.io project
Topic: A Million Ways to Provision Embedded Linux Images

SVLUG Installfests were
3rd Saturday, every month, ceased Jan. 2010, and can resume at Hacker Dojo if an SVLUG volunteer speaks up to coordinate them.
SVLUG Hacking Society Meetings have ceased,
but can resume if you will speak up and say you'll run them each month (on the regular day of your choosing). Otherwise, the series ended as of July 2006.

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