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Windows Refund Day, Page 3

[Some of the crowd atop
the parking structure]

Here is some of the crowd on top of the parking structure; the Microsoft office is in the building behind them. Lemonade put out by
Microsoft Corporation]

Free lemonade was the extent of Microsoft's welcome. The box on the right side of the table holds Microsoft's statement, indicating that "...Microsoft must direct you to the PC maker from which you purchased your copy of Windows." I tried some of the lemonade. It wasn't really an innovative or cutting-edge drink, but it was OK as lemonade goes.

Microsoft's spokesman
reads a brief prepared statement]

There was only one Microsoft representative present at the event that I was aware of, the gentleman shown above. I didn't catch his name, I couldn't hear very well as he was surrounded by press 3 people deep. He repeated the position that refunds must come from the OEM. When asked specifically about licenses, he said "I can't discuss licenses". He was asked who could address that question, and I don't think he answered. He disappeared shortly thereafter.

[Elevation view of the
Microsoft office tower]

After not getting much of an answer in the parking lot, we went around to the front of the building, and a small group entered to attempt to get a refund, while the rest waited outside across the street. I think the group entering was two refund seekers, one organizer, and three members of the press, something like that.

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