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Welcome to the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group

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SVLUG meetings are first Wednesdays of each month at 7PM-8:30PM!

Next Meeting

Date Location Speaker
April 5th, 2017 Cavium, San Jose Abhijit Paithankar,
CTO and Co-Founder, Accupara
Topic: A Build System's Journey into the Land of Containers

This talk will document the journey of two different build systems into containers.
1. The build system for my app was at first my own dev machine. Then, it was a few virtual machines. Finally, now, it is a few Docker images, and my life is much simpler.
2. The build system for one of our customers started off as a RHEL 6 snowflake. Now, it is a Docker image, and the build engineering team and all developers can focus on their product, instead of dealing with pet infrastructure.
MORE ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Abhijit Paithankari's professional career spans over 14 years of hard core systems software, storage, networking, and distributed systems. He has played an instrumental role in VMware's core virtualization and storage products, and later in Nutanix's container and virtualization product. He is now cofounder and CTO of Accupara, a build acceleration platform.

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