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Welcome to the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group

Linux - The Operating System of the 21st Century TM

SVLUG Membership

The Silicon Valley Linux User Group (SVLUG) has no membership dues.

Therefore, if you join one of our mailing lists or attend an SVLUG meeting, you are welcome to call yourself an SVLUG member. All members are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings when they can arrange to. However, we understand that everyone in Silicon Valley is busy, so don't apologize if you miss a meeting: Just plan to be at the next one.

And, due to international subscriptions to our mailing lists, SVLUG members are all over the world.

However, we can't lose sight of our local-area members.... All functions SVLUG performs are entirely done by volunteers. You may volunter to help via the mailing lists or in person at a meeting. Some of SVLUG's volunteer tasks include...

  • answering questions at installfests
  • answering questions on the mailing lists
  • meeting speakers
  • www.svlug.org site maintenance (applicable experience requested)
  • publicity and press releases (applicable experience requested)
  • multicast (MBONE) video transmission (applicable experience requested)
  • arriving early at meetings to help with meeting room preparation
  • staying after the meeting to help clean up the room
  • and many more.

Show off the Fact that You're a Member!

[SVLUG Member]

Once you choose to be a member, and either join one of our mailing lists or attend a meeting, you're a member. So, link to SVLUG's home page from your personal page(s). Feel free to use our membership icon. (Please copy the image to your site, rather than src'ing it from the SVLUG Web server.)

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